Motor Racing Betting

Motor racing is a very bright, extreme, spectacular and exciting sports that have a huge audience of fans. They are popular on all continents, and in some countries, they are among the top-rated sports. They put on motor racing completely different types of players. One is enough to get an extra dose of adrenaline, while others rely on income from such rates.

A Bit of History

The first car races were held in 1894 in France, and already in 1908 in London, there were races with the participation of motorcyclists and horsemen. In 1904, the International Automobile Federation and the International Motorcycle Organization were organized. Since the 1930s, the European Autosport Championship began to be held, and in 1950 Formula 1 was organized. In the post-war period, a number of major motocross tournaments are also organized. Motor racing has several disciplines, such as trial, enduro, as well as road, track, and motocross races. Tournaments of various ranks are held annually for all these types of motorcycle sports.


Look first in the standings. If at the beginning of the season, all riders seek to show the maximum result, closer to the end, many of them are no longer so motivated due to lost chances for a high place.

Racers, like any other sportsmen, have periods of recession and recovery, so do not rely on the average performance of an athlete, but on the results of recent races. Consider and features of the tracks. Some athletes can be more adapted to the track, so you should study the results of recent seasons on this track. Also, remember that in their own countries, racers usually show a better result than in other countries.

Trails are slow and fast. If the width of the track is very narrow, then the athlete has few variations for overtaking, so they need to adapt to other athletes and catch the best time to maneuver. On such tracks racers who are able to make quick decisions show themselves better. On the wide routes, on the contrary, technical indicators of vehicles come to the fore (given the small difference in the skills of the riders).

Adverse weather conditions can greatly affect the results of the race. Rain, strong wind, fog, dust, and snow can lead to opposite results. Betting in such situations is better not to do.

In the case of Formula 1, the technical characteristics of the cars, the coordinated work of the team, the correct choice of the strategy by the driver and many other less significant factors, on which the result will depend, are of great importance.
Features bets on motor racing

Motor Racing Betting

Constant bets on motor racing are complicated by the fact that very few major events take place during the season. Formula 1 has only 19 stages, while only one football submarine has 2 times more stakes tours, and the painting is much more saturated there. Visit where is a full guide about motor racing betting.

When betting, keep in mind that bookmakers are different rules, in addition, there are some peculiar features of different stages of the race.

Motorsport bets are very risky due to the fact that too many nuances can affect the outcome of races. Bookmakers also take this into account, so the coefficients for motor racing are rather low. If you play in such markets, we advise you not to risk big money.